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5 Days Lhasa Small Group Tour with Three Major Monasteries

5 Days Lhasa Small Group Tour with Three Major Monasteries

Overview The mystery of Tibet derives largely from its monasteries. Most of the tourists who travel to Tibet want to visit Tibetan monasteries. This tour will not only allow you to visit three famous monasteries in Tibet but also allow you to visit some Tibetan […]

8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Small Group Tour

8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Small Group Tour

Overview This tour is a classic small group tour to travel to Tibet. The tour includes many famous attractions in Tibet, such as Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Kumbum Monastery, and Tashi Lhunpho Monastery. And, you can much stunning natural scenery from […]

Luxury Hotels in Tibet

Luxury Hotels in Tibet

Tibet has a unique national culture, Tibetan Buddhist culture, sacred mountains, and holy water. You can experience Tibetan culture and touch sacred mountains and water during your trip to Tibet. A tour to Tibet is a luxury trip that gives your body and soul a great experience. You will be able to enjoy a luxury trip to Tibet and never forget it all your life. A good hotel during the trip can make your trip more perfect. There are some luxury hotels in Tibet.

Luxury hotels:

Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise

The Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise is the world’s highest altitude hotel located in the central business district of the eastern city of Lhasa. With the total construction area of about 22000 square meters, it has a design concept with unique Tibetan culture style, which is naturally integrated with Lhasa river valley scenery and plateau landscape. It is the largest five-star hotel in Tibet and also the highest level of tourist and conference reception. The first phase offers 472 luxurious rooms and suites with central oxygen facilities, 10 restaurants, and bars with different flavors, as well as luxury facilities such as billiard rooms, book bars, indoor swimming pools, and SPA. The hotel is close to the famous Potala Palace and Barkhor Street in Tibet.

St. Regis Lhasa Resort

The St. Regis Lhasa Resort is one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in Lhasa. At 12000 feet above sea level on the roof of the world, The St. Regis Lhasa Resort in Lhasa brings exquisite luxury to enjoy and unparalleled quality to this charming city. The rooms, suites, and villas in the resort are all designed in a sophisticated style, with contemporary luxury and traditional elements integrated into their decor. The view from the window is of the Himalayas and the Lhasa river valley. The St. Regis Lhasa Resort is decorated in a very cultural way and the variety of culinary experiences.

As the first luxury hotel, the St. Regis Lhasa Resort boasts the first bar in the region with more than 140 kinds of wine and aged cigars. Pinmingxuan stores a variety of local and imported famous teas, and the aged good tea with 10 to 25 years of tea is even more intoxicating. Located in the ancient Barkhor Street of Lhasa, the St. Regis Lhasa Resort is conveniently surrounded by various cultural landmarks, and guests can explore the ultimate charm of Lhasa in these legendary building. It is one of the best hotels in Tibet, with its classic sophistication personal butler service, and modern luxury. The St. Regis Lhasa Resort will bring new concepts and standards to luxury travel in the Tibet.

Shangri-la Hotel Lhasa

Located at Norbulingka, the Shangri-la Hotel Lhasa has many magnificent views of sacred snow mountains. It is a few minutes away from the world-famous Potala Palace. You can travel by train to Lhasa along the world’s highest railway line, or by plane to the Gonggar airport in Lhasa, just 50 kilometers from the city center.

The Shangri-la Hotel Lhasa has 262modern rooms and 17spacious suites, as well as a luxury pavilion and private VIP lounge. The average size of the guest rooms is more than 43 square meters, very spacious. The biggest size of suites is 86square meters. You can enjoy a costly experience at here. At the same time, the food and entertainment here are also very distinctive.

Travel to Tibet from Shangri-La

Travel to Tibet from Shangri-La

Shangri-La (Zhongdian) is in Deqen county, a city in Yunnan province, and is one of the gateway cities to Tibet. The name of “Shangri-La” is taken from Lost Horizon, written by James Hilton. In the novel, it is a fictional land of Utopian wisdom. Tibetans […]

9 Days Lijiang, Chengdu and Lhasa Namtso Tour

9 Days Lijiang, Chengdu and Lhasa Namtso Tour

Overview: This 9-day Yunnan and Tibet tour offers you an opportunity to enjoy the main attractions in Lijiang, Chengdu and holy Lhasa city. This tour is a popular route for tourists to enjoy different landscapes and cultures in different places in China. Itinerary Day 1: […]

Travel to Tibet from Shanghai

Travel to Tibet from Shanghai

Why travel from Shanghai to Lhasa?

Shanghai is the center of economy in south China and is the thriving and bustling metropolis. There are many historical and scenic sites attracting tourists’ attention from all over the world, such as the Bund, Oriental TV Tower, Shanghai Nanjing Road, Shanghai Museum and Expo Site. Owing to the advantages of Shanghai’s location and charm, it is one of the most popular hubs for foreign tourists traveling to China.

Tibet is located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau known as the Roof of the World with an average altitude of over 4000 meters. Nowadays, Tibet is becoming a hot destination for travelers to explore the mysterious land.

With no direct flight from Tibet to other countries except for Nepal, foreign travelers need to fly to mainland China from your home country first and then transfer a domestic flight to Lhasa, or fly to Nepal firstly and then transfer to Tibet. Owing to the advantages of Shanghai’s location and charm, it is one of the most popular hubs for foreign tourists traveling to China.

How to travel to Lhasa from Shanghai?

Option 1: Shanghai to Lhasa by Train

Train Z164 from Shanghai to Lhasa (return Z166) is the only train beginning in Shanghai. The train journey will take 47.5 hours crossing eight provinces in China. The train starts at 20:10 at Shanghai Railway Station every day, and reach Lhasa at 19:44 on the third day. Foreign travelers need to use a copy of your Tibet Travel Permit to board the train to Lhasa.

With the rising of altitude, each train cabin will be pumped into fresh oxygen in order to avoid the sickness of altitude. And conductors in each cabin will introduce the scenic sites along the way in English, Chinese as well as the Tibetan Language.

Shanghai-Lhasa Train Schedule:

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Frequency
Z164( Shanghai-Lhasa) 20:10 19:30 47 hours 27minutes Daily
Z166( Lhasa-Shanghai) 11:30 11:51 48 hours 21minutes Daily

Option 2: Shanghai to Lhasa by Air

There are five direct flights a day flying from Shanghai to Lhasa, operated by China Eastern Airline, Tibet Airline, Shandong Airline, Shenzhen Airline and Air China. It usually takes about 7 hours including one hour for a stopover at Chengdu or Xi’an. There are also many connecting flights in Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

Foreign travelers need to use their original Tibet Travel Permit to help you board a flight successfully.

Shanghai to Lhasa Flight Schedule:

Flight Number Departure Stopover Arrival Duration Frequency
TV 9883

Tibet Airlines

16:45 Chengdu 23:30 6 hours 45 minutes Daily

Shandong Airlines

16:45 Chengdu 23:30 6hours 45minutes Daily

Shenzhen Airlines

16:45 Chengdu 23:30 6 hours 45 minutes Daily

China Eastern Airlines

06:45 Xi’an 14:40 7 hours 55 minutes Daily

Air China

16:45 Chengdu 23:30 6 hours 45 minutes Daily

How to Planning a Tibet Trip from Shanghai?

The scenery in Tibet varies with different seasons. In the spring and autumn, it is the best time to trek in Tibet to enjoy the natural beauty with warm weather and less rain. In the summer and autumn, it is the peak travel season in Tibet with most of the places open for tourists. You can visit the stunning Potala Palace and hear the monks’ debate in the Sera Monastery.


Tibet Tour Packages from Japan

Tibet Tour Packages from Japan

With a perfect contrast of traditional and modern, Japan is in a flourish development and becomes famous as a travel destination. Numerous scenic and cultural sites in Japan attract various travelers, such as the tranquility and grandeur of Mount Fuji, interesting Tokyo Disneyland, famous Fuji […]

Train Travel from Beijing to Lhasa

Train Travel from Beijing to Lhasa

Visiting Tibet is a “once-in-a-lifetime” adventure; hence, it is definitely worth taking. However, if you ever decide to visit Tibet, you will usually be faced with different route options—you can either travel by land (car or train) or by air. Moreover, you can either enter […]