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Train Travel from Beijing to Lhasa

Train Travel from Beijing to Lhasa

Visiting Tibet is a “once-in-a-lifetime” adventure; hence, it is definitely worth taking. However, if you ever decide to visit Tibet, you will usually be faced with different route options—you can either travel by land (car or train) or by air. Moreover, you can either enter Tibet through China or via Nepal. If ever you decide to travel to Tibet via mainland China, one of your best option is via the Beijing-to-Lhasa train route. The Beijing-to-Lhasa train route has been operational since 2006, and since its inauguration in July of 2006, it has immediately become one of the favorite routes to Tibet.

Why is Train Travel to Tibet Your Best Option?

There are reasons why the Beijing-to-Tibet train trip is the best route to take. First, this route showcases the best of mainland China and Tibet at the same time. Traversing almost eight provinces of China, this train route allows you to experience the awesome views and culture of China in a single train travel. This route is a 3,757-km train travel that begins at Beijing and passes through various historical inland cities of China like those of Shijianzhuang, Taiyun, Zhongwei, Lanzhou, and Xining. Moreover, the average altitude of this train route is 3379m with its highest point at the Tanggula Mountain Pass which is almost 5,072 meters above sea level.

This train route from Beijing to Tibet consists of ten stopovers. The train usually lingers on each stopover at an average rate of 11 minutes. Additionally, it usually takes almost three days to complete this trip from Beijing to Tibet.

The Z21 and Z22 Trains

The Beijing-to-Tibet train no. Z21 generally begins traversing the initial phase of the route from Beijing to Xining (almost 2647 km in distance) until it reaches the second phase of the trip—the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Route—which is almost 1,110 km in distance. The return trip to Beijing on board the train no. Z22 usually takes almost three days likewise.

Like Watching a Fantastic Movie!

The Beijing-Tibet Train Route is comparable to watching an enlivening movie, replete with awesome scenes. Every exciting phase of the trip usually leads to more exciting phases. Its starting point—Beijing—is by itself already a tourist destination with its remarkable historical sites and enthusing cultural legacy. And just like in any good movie, the climax of the trip is Lhasa—a historically and culturally unique city, considered to be the “ceiling or roof” of the world.

Along the way there are lovely and exciting twists and turns that would surely enthrall you and pique your adventurous inner self. Moreover, you will definitely have the grand Tibetan Plateau and mountains as your lovely backdrop for this trip.

What this Trip Showcases?

This trip will showcase to you the seemingly never-ending Tibetan Plateau, along with a glimpse of the mighty Gobi Desert, the Kunlun Mountains and other snowcapped mountains along the way. You will also get to see the Tanggula Mountains and the vibrant rivers and gorges that naturally carved their niche on the mountainsides.

As you pass along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Route, you should always bear in mind that you are passing along a railway route that is considered an “engineering marvel” because this railroad route was built mostly on permafrost and required marvelous engineering to accomplish.

Schedule of Beijing to Lhasa Trains and Vice Versa

The train from Beijing usually begins its journey at the Beijing West Railway Station at exactly 20:00. It usually reaches Tibet on the 3rd day at 12:20. The whole travel time from Beijing to Tibet takes almost 40 hours and 20 minutes. On the other hand, the returning train from Lhasa usually departs at 16:30 and reaches Beijing at around 8:28 on the 3rd day. This return trip generally lasts for almost 39 hours and 58 minutes.

The train schedules are generally subject to changes as deemed necessary by the operators. As a caveat, however, you should always book in advance and make early reservation to ensure that you will get a train ride on your specified date. You can likewise freely contact us if you want a hassle-free travel to Tibet, and we will surely facilitate everything for you.

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